Monday, December 13, 2010

Tasha Doremus & Gabriel Martinez in group exhibition at Nexus

Image: Gabriel Martinez

Image: Tasha Doremus

Closing Reception: Friday, February 4, 6-9pm.

Nexus Foundation for Today’s Art is celebrating 35 years as a co-operative of Philadelphia-based multi-disciplinary artists with an Alumni Invitational showcasing the diversity of those who have made and formed NEXUS over the last 35 years. Founded in 1975 as space for challenging, innovative and compelling art exhibitions, it has a rich tradition of stimulating creative thought and dialog among the artists and the public regarding the meanings and methods behind today’s art. NEXUS members have a history of challenging artistic tradition, investigating new mediums and re-exploring old concepts. The opportunities NEXUS provides have attracted many of Philadelphia’s most significant experimental artists. Since the inception of NEXUS, member artists have received nine Pew Fellowships in the arts, ten Independence Foundation Fellowships, and seven Leeway Foundation Emerging Artist awards. The Alumni Invitational articulates the diversity of NEXUS and will include painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, performance, installation and video work by 26 of its past members.

Micah Danges in group exhibition at Philadelphia Photo Arts Center

Artist Included in Exhibition: Anita Allyn, Christian Boltansky, Common Knowledge, Micah Danges, Luis Gispert, Daniel Gordon, Virgil Marti and Julie Weit.

The exhibition will remain on view until Saturday, February 26, 2011.

Wall Space brings together eight artists whose work exists between the boundaries of photography, sculpture and painting, often blurring the lines between the 2nd and 3rdWall Space begin as photographs but are transformed into something with radically different intentions. In this exhibition, images are created, borrowed and stolen to produce screen prints, protest posters, domestic tableaus, large-scale paintings, installations and sculptures. Wall Space explores an image-based culture reflecting youth identity, loss and distortion with political undertones.