Sunday, May 3, 2009

Howard A. Silverstein and Patricia Bleznak Silverstein Abroad Studio in Photography: BEIJING/CHINA/2009

Micah Danges (MFA Photo Technician) in Group Exhibition at Gershman Y...

Invented: (un)Realities, In Two Parts.
Vox Populi Gallery at the Gershman Y

Exhibition Dates: Part 1 - April 23-June 6, 2009

The two-part exhibition Invented: (un)Realities, In Two Parts,
examines the duality of constructed landscapes and fabricated
architectural environments. The work selected for this exhibition
demonstrates the investigation into ‘artificial’ places and spaces,
which are found in the modification of the natural world or human
constructed/architectural surroundings. The artists in this
exhibition, in order to better suit their mission, rebuild, piece
together or manipulate these established constructs. These fictitious
environments, literally and figuratively, reflect our own experiences
and human interactions between real and illusionary surroundings.

The artists presented in Part 1 are particularly interested in
imaginary landscapes, constructing objects of flora and fauna and
creating images that depict an illusion between interior/exterior
spaces through installations, paintings and photography/video.

Artists Kate Stewart, Amy Adams, Kara Crombie, Micah Danges and Eva
Wylie all use the natural world (and the departure from the natural
world) as the genesis of their work.

Organized by Vox member and UArts Faculty, Julianna Foster
and Vox Member, Josh Rickards

Gershman Y
Borowsky Gallery
401 South Broad St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147

Eileen Neff at Weatherspoon Art Museum...

Eileen Neff: Between Us
Weatherspoon Art Museum, Greensboro, NC
May 24–August 16, 2009

Using free association to reinvigorate the world of photography...

Alex Remnick, DP Photo Editor

Alec Soth at UPenn: road trips, stories and cell phone snapshots...

Alec Soth critiquing undergraduate work...

Soth reviews Daniel Schwartz's photographs.

Alec Soth, Karen Rodewald and Undergraduate Photography Students.

A discussion between Clarence Din and Soth.

images: Brent Wahl.