Sunday, January 29, 2012

Jamie Diamond (Lecturer) interviewed in Dummy Magazine

Jamie Diamond, a Lecturer in the UPenn Undergraduate Fine Arts Department has an interview by Olver Gehrs examining her work as it relates to the theme "Family" in the German publication, Dummy. The magazine is a monothematic publication curated by an art director. This issue's theme was "Familie" and in it she discusses her work "Created family" where Diamond posts personal ads on the internet looking for different family members in order to create family portraits.

An excerpt from the interview:
Dummy: How would your perfect family look like? In which of your pictures would you fit, do you think?
JD: The starting point for all of the portraits were my own memories and experiences, I have folders of our own family portraits that inspired me. It's strange, I feel each family portrait I created is a representation of my own family and I could fit into any of them. Each shoot was such a personal experience and I was part of all of the families for as long as they existed, from when they met to when they parted. The family only existed in that space and I was the creator of it all.

Click below for a full sized scan of the interview in press (in German):

Tetsugo Hyakutake (MFA 2009) in show at ICA Singapore

"Videologue” is a neologised term from the words ‘video’ and ‘dialogue’ – suggesting the form of communication through video art. Conceptualised by visual artists Urich Lau from Singapore and Cheng Guangfeng from Beijing, the first exhibition was held in Beijing on March 2011, hosted by Sunshine International Art Museum. In the upcoming exhibition, Videologue - Video Art Exhibition / Exchange: Beijing – Singapore – Tokyo, it explores issues and situations of the human dilemma and dissociation produced by geological, territorial and cultural shifts in contemporary life, as interpreted by the participating artists.

Artists: Urich Lau, Lim Shengen and Teow Yue Han (Singapore), Cheng Guangfeng, Han Tao, Li Ning and Shen Shaomin (China) and Tetsugo Hyakutake (Japan).