Tuesday, December 3, 2013

New York Exhibitions for Dec 7th

Here are some photography shows worth checking out if you are getting to NYC any time soon:

Yossi Milo Gallery - Simen Johan through Dec 7th - Photography
Andrea Meislin Gallery - Group Show through Dec 20th - Landscape Photography
Yancey Richardson Gallery - Hellen Van Meene through Dec 21st - Contemporary Portrait Photography
Gagosian Gallery - William Eggleston through Dec 21st - Photography Legend
Julie Saul Gallery - Sarah Anne Johnson through Dec 21st - Racy Altered Photographs
Matthew Marks Gallery - Thomas Demand through Dec 21st - Unmonumental Street Photography
Hasted Kraeutler Gallery - Marc Dennis through Jan 4th - Portraits in Museums
Terry Atkins at Salon 94 - UPenn Sculpture Professor through Jan 11th
Chris Burden at the New Museum - through Jan 12th
The Whitney - TJ Wilcox through Feb 9th - Panoramic Video Installation
Mike Kelley at PS1 - through Feb 2nd
The Walther Collection - Marina Bacigalupo through Feb 8th - Contemporary Portrait Photography

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